Regarding Allergens and Restricted Diets


Here at Pretty Cool Ice Cream we strive to make something for everyone. This means we have many pops with limited ingredient lists, but we also process all kinds of ingredients as well. We work to keep our equipment sanitized between uses, and take care to keep allergens isolated, but cannot guarantee cross contamination won’t occur. We feel the largest risk of cross contamination lies with dairy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. 


However it is best to know all our pops are made in a facility that also processes dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat. 


Gluten and Wheat

Because our founder Dana Cree is intolerant to wheat, we primarily use gluten free products to make all the bars for our shop menu. The graham crackers in our piecicles, chocolate cookie crumbs in our grasshopper bar, gingersnaps in our holiday bar, and vanilla wafers used occasionally in special bars all come from Kinnickinnick Bakery, a certified gluten free facility. 


The Crisp Rice Pearls we use in our crunch bars contain malt extract, which is made from barley. While it is a wheat free product the inclusion of this ingredient may make it unsafe for people with Celiac Disease or strong intolerances. We are currently searching for an alternative to this product.


Collaboration Flavors

On occasion we do make a flavor that contains wheat based products with one of our collaborative partners, if the ingredient is integral to their product and we can’t find a way around it. We have partnered with Honey Butter Fried Chicken and use crispy bits made with their seasoned dredge, and have bought wheat free donuts from Stans donuts that are fried in the same oil as gluten donuts. In both these instances we take care to keep the product contained while processing it, but we do use shared space and equipment. 



Peanuts and Tree Nuts

We have a few flavors that include peanut butter, and we use shared equipment to process our ice cream. While we have many pops on our menu that are made without peanuts, cross contamination may occur. 


The Pie Flavored Plant Pops we make includes almond in the shell. We use a product from Valrhona Chocolate that replaces the dairy product in white chocolate with almond making it a plant based product. While the pops in the Bang Bang Piecicle family are nut free with white chocolate in the shell, the plant based version is not. 


On occasion we will use almond milk in one of our Plant Pops for flavor. 




We use three different recipes to make our dairy based pops. A Philadelphia style base made with cream and milk, a sherbet style base made with cream, milk, and buttermilk, and a custard style ice cream made with cream, milk, and eggs. There are many pops that people who can’t safely consume eggs can enjoy, but all our custard bars include egg, as well as the Key Lime Piecicle, the Banana Cream Piecicle, the Vanilla Pony Pop, the Chocolate Pony Pop, and the occasional special menu item. 



The Chocolates we use include soy lecithin as an emulsifier, and the gluten free bakery products we buy include soy as an ingredient. 


Puppy Pops

We make pops for your pups to safely enjoy from all natural peanut butter (xylitol free) fresh bananas, and water. A reminder that while many of us know dogs can’t eat chocolate, they also can’t tolerate the caffeine in the Thai Tea Plant Pop, the Litchi Lemon Truck Pop, or the real concord grapes we use to make our Grape Truck Pop.



We have two families of pops we make without any animal products. The Truck Pops are water based pops, and the Plant Pops are creamy ice cream style bars made with coconut milk. While we strive to use only plant based products for these two families of ice cream bars, we do use refined white sugar which is typically processed with bone char. For this reason we refrain from calling them Vegan in an effort to not mislead someone into eating something they choose not to. 


Many of the sprinkles in our collection are polished with shellac. Shellac is a food grade all natural waxy substance used to give shine and gloss to different products. It is collected from the Lac Beatle, making it unsuitable for many who eat Vegan diets. Because of this we restrict the sprinkles we use on our Plant Pops to only those polished with carnauba wax. 


On occasion products are dyed with an all natural red coloring made from Cochineal, an insect that lives on cactus plants in Mexico. Because of this we avoid adding anything with Cochineal coloring to our Plant Pops or Truck Pops. 


Honey is used to flavor some of our pops, including Truck Pops, but intentionally excluded from the Plant Pop line. If honey is used in a truck pop we will use the word Honey in the title. 

No Sugar Added

We have a Pony Pop made by freezing apple cider from Klug Farms. While apple cider contains natural sugars of its own, we do not add any additional sugar to this pop, making it a preferred treat for some of our youngest guests and people who restrict sugar from their diets.

Keto Pops

We have had many requests for a pop that fits within the restrictions on the Keto diet and are unable to accommodate these requests. Sugar is not just sweet, it also impacts the freezing point of ice cream and pops, and without it we have not yet been able to make a product we are proud to serve.


We have made a decision to exclude alcoholic beverages from all our products, and won’t be offering any beer, wine, or spirit based flavors on our menu. However, many of our extracts include alcohol, including our Bourbon Vanilla Bean and any pop with Vanilla added for flavor.