Pops For Pups and a Few That Aren't

Our menu includes a pop for all our doggy friends, and it was taste tested on Dana Cree’s own dog, Eleanore the tri-color corgi before being launched in our shop. The pop is made from peanuts, flax, chia, hemp, banana, and water, nothing more! One of our team members Angela said it reminded her of the things her hippy mother tried to pass off as dessert to her as a kid, which means, yes, she did eat one! The peanut butter we use is xylitol free. It’s called Naturally Nutty, and we get it from Local Foods.

Because we are a retail food establishment, the city of chicago doesn’t allow us to invite pet dogs into the shop. We are as sad about it as you are, and puppy pops need to be enjoyed outside or at home.

We do have a few pops that are very unsafe for dogs to share with their humans. Anything with chocolate should be kept away from the dogs, which means chocolate flavored bars, our chocolate coated custard bars, and our party pops, which are dipped in a white chocolate based shell shouldn’t be eaten by dogs. Grapes are also very toxic to dogs. Our grape flavored truck pop and pony pop is made with real concord grapes, and can make dogs very sick.

The ASPCA website cites coconut as a food to avoid feeding dogs. This means all our plant pops, which are made with coconut milk instead of dairy milk should be kept away from our canine friends. It also suggests that citrus can cause upset stomachs in dogs, making our firecracker pop, pink lemonade, raspberry lime buttermilk bar, and lemon buttermilk bar something best left avoided by dogs.

And finally, we do have a few pops that contain caffeine which contains methylxanthines. The highest level of methylxanthines is found in dark chocolate, but also in all caffeinated products. The pops in our case that have caffeine in them are the coffee custard bar, the litchi lemon tea, and the thai tea. We don’t use extracts to make our flavors, we infuse real coffee and teas into the recipes, and with it comes caffeine.

So it’s best if your pups stick to the puppy pops!

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