Gluten Free

Since day one, Pretty Cool Ice Cream has kept our facility free of any trace of gluten. Our founder, Dana Cree, left 20 years in bakeries and traditional restaurant kitchens behind after over exposure to wheat left her with a severe gluten allergy. While she had always planned on opening an ice cream shop, her food allergy changed the way she built her kitchen. This time, flavors that can’t be made without wheat flour are absent, and gluten free products were sourced for everything else.

This means our Cookies and Cream Bar, Ricky’s Coffee Pretzel Toffee, and our Piecicles with graham cracker crust are all made without gluten.

If you can eat wheat, we doubt you’ll notice the difference, and we don’t advertise this because the general public associates “gluten free” with “lower quality”. We don’t really blame you, there are some pretty unfortunate gluten free products on the market. And the best of them often satisfy only those who haven’t had “the real thing” in years. However, we work hard to make sure everything in our shop tastes the way it should, wether it contains gluten or not.

Luckily ice cream is gluten free by nature! So only a few add-ins require extra effort to find delicious alternatives. If your body won’t tolerate wheat, you’re safe here!

Dana Cree