Delivery now available! Let Caviar or Uber Eats bring Pretty Cool Ice Cream to you

The question of the day is “what are you going to do in the winter?” And the answer is simple- make ice cream!

We know winter isn’t the season for waiting in line outside for a cold refreshing treat. But if we know anything about ice cream lovers, we know they love ice cream year round. As you change the way you eat your ice cream, less milling about outdoors and more on the couch in fuzzy PJ’s, we have changed the way you can buy our ice cream.

We have partnered with Caviar& Uber Eats to bring our ice cream to your front door during our normal business hours!

The ice cream is packed in insulated 4-packs, which you can customize entirely to your liking. We also have 6-packs of pony pops or puppy pops for the little ones, and our furry friends.

It doesn’t take us but a minute to get your order ready in the shop, so don’t go without this cold season!

Click Here to look over the menu or place an order!

Dana CreeComment